Children's ministry

We believe children's events should be safe, positive, fun and biblically sound!

Sunday programs run during both services.

Infants: Birth - 18 months

Toddlers:  19 months to 2 years

Preschool:  3 - 4 year olds

Fives-n-K:  Age 5  -  Kindergarten  

Elementary: 1st-6th grade

Toddlers thru Fives-n-K can expect an age appropriate bible lesson, games, a memory verse, snack, and free play time.

Elementary: Our goal is to bring the bible story to life for these 1st-6th graders. 

Quizzing:  Students learn a smaller portion of the bible in depth.   This year, we're studying the book of Acts. (1st-6th grade)

Check-in children at one of the handy computer kiosks!

New to the Naz?  Pre-register your children: register here and we'll make sure you are ready for a speedy check in on Sunday morning!

Any questions? Contact Clancy at

Naz Kidz Kick off will be coming soon!  Check back for updates and times. 

Questions? Contact Clancy at