WHy We serve

One of our core values at the Naz is "saved people serve people". 

Our Savior Jesus Christ set the example by humbling himself and taking on the form of a servant, and He calls His followers to do the same. (See Phil. 2:1-7, John 13, John 15:13). 

The Bible is clear in 1 Corinthians 12 that the Church is comprised of many different kinds of people who are each God-equipped with different gifts and roles to play in the body of Christ. 

That means, if you call the Naz your Church home there exists a specific role that only you can play, a need that you are best-fit to meet. 

Begin with the needs you see, and the gifts you're aware of. Grab a friend and get to work! It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). 

Current Naz needs and ministries are linked below, simply click to connect with the team leader about helping out!

If you'd like assistance discerning your role at the Naz, please email stownsend@ffnaz.org.

NAZ Needs

If your gifts, passions, skills, desires, or resources lead you to meet any of the needs listed below, simply click on the serving option to get in contact with the team leader. 

  • Usher team

    Sunday Service Ushers are a friendly face to those entering the building. They're constantly scanning the Naz environment, looking for people to serve. 

    You may find an usher passing out bulletins, helping guests find a seat, leading a family to children's ministry, serving communion, or facilitating the offering collection.

    Contact Lead Usher Brian Q to enlist in this crucial Sunday morning ministry. 

  • host team

    Hosts go the extra mile to build relationships with visitors, connecting new people to regular Naz attendees and help make a foreign environment feel like home. If you have a knack for building connections and making people feel they belong contact Susie Townsend to join the Sunday morning Host Team. 

  • Greeting Team

    Greeting on a Sunday morning is about the easiest way to bless others. Greeters smile and welcome Naz guests as they enter the building for Sunday morning service. Can you hold open a door? Smile? You're set to be a greeter. Email Susie Townsend to claim your Sunday shift!

  • Sound Booth

    Would you consider yourself tech-savy? We would welcome anyone's help that feels confident around switches, buttons and cords. Sound booth roles include light board, slides, video recording, and soundboard. Email Tim Baker to join the crew that controls everything behind the scenes. 

  • Children's Ministry Team

    Want to help raise up the next generation of Christ-followers? Volunteering in Children's Ministry is an investment in the future! Whether you want to lead a small group, serve snack, or hold babies in the nursery we can find a spot for you. Email Darlene to begin the process of NazSafe Training. 

  • Facilities

    It takes a lot of hands to keep the Naz facility clean and running smoothly. Whether your thing is cleaning, repairs, event set up or tear down, painting, or decorating, we can find something for you to do. Email Curt Eide to find a project for you!

  • Youth Ministry

    Do you have a heart for ministering to Junior or Senior High students? Contact Joe Hauer to see how you can help!

  • care team

    Some needs go beyond what a small group can meet on their own. If you'd like to be a part of a team that brings meals, visits folks in the hospital or nursing home, helps families move, etc. Contact Susie Townsend to join the Care Team. 


If you or someone in our Church body has a need that others could help meet, email Susie Townsend and the need can be posted above. 

If someone could be blessed by having meals provided for them in a difficult season create a meal plan at https://www.mealtrain.com/. You can share the link via email or Facebook. 

In a larger Church the burden and blessing of taking care of each other falls to a person's small group. To join a small group and do life with other believers click here