Premarital mentorship

Who can benefit?

Any couple wanting to prepare for marriage!

Before you register for mentorship contact Tammy at the Church office to set your wedding date, (218) 736-2764 or

*Your wedding date will not be secured until the form has been submitted with payment. Form and payment must be submitted online. See the link below.

How does it work?

First, you identify differences that could become problematic over your years together. Then, our mentors provide tools to help you communicate and work through these differences. What an advantage you’ll have to be well equipped right at the beginning of your marriage or as you seek a partner!


The Naz requires that all couples to be married at the Naz complete marriage mentoring. Premarital mentoring uses biblical truths and tools to help couples who plan to be married to be better prepared for a lifelong commitment of marriage and to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Premarital mentoring will consist of a meeting with the officiating pastor near the beginning of mentoring and after mentoring has finished. Premarital mentoring consists of 8 to 10, 60 to 90 minute long sessions with a mentor couple within the church. Mentoring will take place at the mentor couples home. The cost of the mentoring is $50.00 per couple and must be paid for online by clicking the link below. After submitting your form and payment you will hear from the lead couple (Chad and Amanda Davison) who will match you with your mentor couple. Mentoring usually begins 4-6 months prior to the wedding date.


Premarital Registration

Marriage Mentorship (Bride/Wife) 2018

Marriage Mentorship (Groom/Husband) 2018