Naz Small Group

Accountability questions

1. Is your group following the biblical model of conflict resolution?

  • How are people responding to each other’s sin? Are you sharpening each other or tolerating each other? Is your group united?

2. How is your group serving?

3. Are you praying as a group?

  • What does that look like? Are there ways you could grow in prayer? Are you keeping track of answered prayers?

4. Are you getting in God's Word?

  • What are you studying? 

5. How are you discipling and encouraging your apprentice into a leadership position? 

  • Are they able to effectively lead your small group in your absence? 
  • What gifts, strengths, passions do they have?

6. Is your group doing life together?

  •   Is intimacy increasing in your group?  
  • Would you say your group is “authentic” or “real” with each other? (Can you really hold one another accountable if you’re not “real”?)
  • Are you practicing Biblical conflict resolution within your group relationships?
  • Ultimately it’s on you as the group leader to help create and set the expectation for an authentic and Biblical way of relating to one another.
  • What expectations are you setting for relational growth? Is accountability, sharpening, etc. on peoples’ radar?

7. Where are you seeing spiritual growth?

  • Do you know where your individual members are at spiritually? Are they making disciples or do they need to be discipled? What are you doing to meet them where they’re at?
  • Do you recognize an increase in the fruit of the spirit, hunger for God’s Word, overcoming sin, greater sensitivity to sin, greater love for others, etc.This needs to be your group’s gauge of whether or not your time together is effective. Don’t let your community become about comfort, or worldly pursuits, or personal interest, becoming like Christ should be the central aim of everything you do together.

8. How can you challenge your group?

  • Where are you becoming too comfortable or compromised?
  • Are there areas where your group is stagnant? Work from your responses to the previous accountability questions. Maybe your group just needs to be reminded about why you gather, what your purpose and aim is, and the expectations you have for your community...
  • What attributes of a biblical community do you need to focus on this trimester?

9. What is God doing?

  • As you reflect on your group is there anything you recognize God doing that you need to take into account?
  • What can we celebrate? TO SUBMIT A TESTIMONY CLICK HERE
  • If you can't answer this question, refer to question 8.