"With a small group you realize that you're not alone."

"It's a place to connect with a group of people who become like your family, but you're there for the purpose of growing closer to Jesus."

"Our small group is there for the good times and the hard times, and week to week, no matter what."

Naz small groups

Find a group that you think will be a good fit for you and click on RSVP to connect with the group leader.

  • Open to any

    Leaders: Gerald and Esmeralda Dennis

    Day of the Week: Thursday

    Time: 10-11:30am

    Frequency: Every week

    Where: Gerald and Esmeralda’s Home

    RSVP to Gerald and Esmeralda

  • Married Couples

    Leader: Randy and Erin Halvorson

    Day of the Week: Thursday

    Time: 7-8:30 pm

    Frequency: Every other week

    Where: The Naz, Gathering Grounds

    RSVP to Randy and Erin

  • women

    Leader: Nancy Walvatne

    Day of the Week: Tuesday

    Time: 7pm

    Frequency: Weekly

    Where: Nancy’s Home

    RSVP to Nancy

  • men

    Leader: Loren Hanson

    Day of the Week: Wednesday

    Time: 6:30 am

    Frequency: Every week

    Where: The Naz Gathering Grounds

    This group has a focus on accountability and prayer. 

    RSVP to Loren