412 Naz Students

Naz Students program is called 412, which was inspired by a letter written to a young man named Timothy many years ago!

"Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example to all in Speech, Conduct, Love, Faith and Purity. " - 1 Timothy 4:12

We want to partner with the students and inspire them to live a 412 life style, in their schools, homes, jobs and every situation they may face. In today's culture it is a complete counter cultural movement to live a 412 lifestyle. With the quick ever changing advancements in technology, shifts in the moral compass of society we need to stand up and help students, guide them to the truth of Jesus Christ and the freedom and calling that he has for them. 


6th-8th Grade Service  Starts @ 4pm and Ends at 5:15pm

9th-12th Grade Service Starts @ 7:30pm and Ends at 9pm


The ultimate girl-talk experience that's all about JESUS. For girls in grades 7-12, on April 1st-2nd at Inspiration Point. Define un-awkwardly presents students with God's good designs for sex, marriage, and their identity. 

Registration opens January 8th, and you must be registered by February 19th to attend. 

Register: CLICK HERE

If you will be riding the Bus: CLICK HERE

Senior Foundations

All of our High School Seniors, come join us to study 10 ideas that will help prepare you for what's ahead, and questions to help you process and apply what we talk about. We will meet each week of at 6:15pm in the Youth Center. Guests and new faces are WELCOME!⠀

This study will help prepare seniors in practical ways to continue living out faith and growing spiritually after graduating high school. We cannot wait to see you there!

Senior High Mission Trip


When: June 11th-16th, 2023

Who: 9th-12th Graders

Where: Quad Cities, IL

Registration: CLOSED

Deadline: Registration will close midnight on December 15th. We only have a limited amount of space, so get signed up early!

Initial Cost at Registration: $50

Remaining Cost: About $350ish. We will fundraise the rest, so do not let money be the reason why you do not go. Let's live out our purpose and love and serve people around us!

In the Quad Cities, we will be partnering with organizations that deeply care about their community. Service opportunities could include assisting with local youth programming, engaging with adults who have disabilities, and meeting basic needs through food pantries, community gardens, and clothing giveaways. We could learn about the strengths and struggles of this area by hearing from a community speaker and participating in a prayer walk. We could also have the chance to relax at a local waterpark. YouthWorks has partnered with this community since 2004.


Catechism starts October 2, 2022 for all eighth graders! 

This will take place upstairs in the youth center during the 11am service. Our Catechism Class will take place every Sunday through the school year! This is a great opportunity for eighth graders to build a foundation, so they can own their own faith!

412 social media

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