Naz Students


Invite your friends, and let's seize the summer! 

(All students that just finished 6th-12th)


12th. Wiffle Ball - meet at Hannah Park @ 7pm

19th. *Granny's Pantry* - leaving church parking lot @ 7pm (Bring $$)

26th. **Twins' Game** - leaving church parking lot @ 3pm. Star Wars Theme Night. Cost $35. (Bring $$ for food)


10th. Night Games - the Naz @ 9pm

17th. *Burger Hike* - leaving church parking lot @ 1pm destination Itasca State Park, dinner at Clancy's on the Lake.                          (Bring water for hike and burger $$)

24th. *Pool Party* - meet at Breckenridge Pool @ 6 - 8pm (Bring $$ for concession stand) (Bring your whole family)

31st. *Zorbaz* - leaving church parking lot @ noon (Bring food $$)


7th. **Valley Fair** - leaving church parking lot @ 9am. Cost $40 (Bring $$ for food)

15th. Movie in the Park - meet at Roosevelt Park @ 9pm

21st. Water Kickball - meet at Delagoon Park @ 7pm

28th. Back to School Bash - Roosevelt Park @ 7pm

****Must have Liability Form on file for the summer. Our priority is to keep your teen safe. CLICK HERE

Further questions, contact Pastor Quinton at

Upcoming 6th Graders Party

Our upcoming 6th graders will be going to Sky Zone on Sunday, August 25th! We're leaving from The Naz parking lot at 2pm, and it will cost $25. Let's go have fun! 

To sign up, click HERE

Also, click HERE for Sky Zone waiver.

412 wednesday youth Ministries

Naz Students Wednesday Night Programs are called 412.  Which was inspired by a letter written to  a young man named Timothy many years ago!

"Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example to all in Speech, Conduct, Love, Faith and Purity. "

We want to partner with the students and inspire them to live a 412 life style, in their schools, homes, jobs and every situation they may face.   In today's culture it is  a complete counter cultural movement to live a 412 lifestyle.  With the quick ever changing advancements in technology, shifts in the moral compass of society we need to stand up and help students, guide them to the truth of Jesus Christ and the freedom and calling that he has for them. 

Wednesday Night Programs start back on September 4th

Junior High  starts @ 4pm and Ends at 515PM

Senior High Starts @ 730PM and Ends at 9PM