412 Naz Students

Naz Students program is called 412, which was inspired by a letter written to  a young man named Timothy many years ago!

"Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example to all in Speech, Conduct, Love, Faith and Purity. " - 1 Timothy 4:12

We want to partner with the students and inspire them to live a 412 life style, in their schools, homes, jobs and every situation they may face.  In today's culture it is  a complete counter cultural movement to live a 412 lifestyle.  With the quick ever changing advancements in technology, shifts in the moral compass of society we need to stand up and help students, guide them to the truth of Jesus Christ and the freedom and calling that he has for them. 

6th-8th Grade Service  Starts @ 4pm and Ends at 5:15PM

9th-12th Grade Service Starts @ 7:30PM and Ends at 9PM

DEFEND and define

Our community is pulling together to invest in our teen girls through Define (for teen girls) on January 25th and our teen guys through Defend (for teen guys) February 29th. Help spread the word and get your teens signed up at www.defendforguys.com and www.defineforgirls.com. If you don’t have a teen in your life, please consider praying for these life-changing events.

412 Parent Brunch

Saturday, February 8th, we will be having a breakfast for our teens' parents/guardians and small group leaders at the Naz at 10am! We want to invest in and love on you over brunch and coffee! Come join!

Contact Pastor Quinton for more information: quinton.gold@ffnaz.org

412 social media

We'd love to stay connected and for you to stay updated on what's going on in our ministry! Here are some links to help you do that:

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Catechism class


  • All 8th graders
  • Sundays throughout the school year
  • During 10:30 service
  • Upstairs in the Youth Center

This is an amazing opportunity for our 8th graders to create a deeper foundation and to own their faith! Contact Pastor Quinton for more information: quinton.gold@ffnaz.org