412 Naz Students

Naz Students program is called 412, which was inspired by a letter written to a young man named Timothy many years ago!

"Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example to all in Speech, Conduct, Love, Faith and Purity. " - 1 Timothy 4:12

We want to partner with the students and inspire them to live a 412 life style, in their schools, homes, jobs and every situation they may face. In today's culture it is a complete counter cultural movement to live a 412 lifestyle. With the quick ever changing advancements in technology, shifts in the moral compass of society we need to stand up and help students, guide them to the truth of Jesus Christ and the freedom and calling that he has for them. 


6th-8th Grade Service  Starts @ 4pm and Ends at 5:15pm

9th-12th Grade Service Starts @ 7:30pm and Ends at 9pm

Fall Retreat 2021

Registration is open, Thursday September 16th at 5pm, and the ends September 30th or until full. The first 12 registered will get some BONUS merch and privileges! Space is limited, so register early to save a spot!

Grades: 6th-12th

Cost: $125 (includes a new 412 hoodie for everyone going!)

Event Time: Leaving the Naz at 6pm on Friday, October 22nd and returning Sunday, October 24th at 1pm.

Event Location: Inspiration Point

Student Registration: FULL

Must bring Pastor Quinton a Liability Form: CLICK HERE

***Must also have a Liability Form printed, filled out, and turned in for the school year to go on trip. These are new forms. Our priority is to keep your teen(s) safe. 

Volunteer Registration: FULL


Catechism starts October 3rd, 2021 for all eighth graders! 

This will take place upstairs in the youth center during the 11am service. Our Catechism Class will take place every Sunday through the school year! This is a great opportunity for eighth graders to build a foundation, so they can own their own faith!

Catechism Conference

Who: Conference for our Catechism Students!

When: Friday, Nov. 12th - Saturday, Nov. 13th

Where: Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN

Cost: $49

Registration (Finish All 3 Steps):

  1. Sign Up: CLICK HERE
  2. Payment: CLICK HERE
  3. Liability Form: CLICK HERE

Registration Due Date: October 29th

We will be leaving the Naz at 1pm on Friday Nov. 12th, and we will be returning around 10:30pm on Saturday Nov. 13th. 

At STR’s Reality Conference, we show students that Christianity matches up with the way the world really is—with reality. It makes sense of the origin and design of the universe and life; the existence of objective truth and morality; the purpose, meaning, and value of human experience; the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus; and the existential longing of every human heart. In other words, we have reality on our side. Unfortunately, many students are under the impression that Christianity is make-believe for grown-ups. At REALITY, we’re changing that by using our greatest ally: Reality. Christianity isn’t a made-up story divorced from reality; it is the true story of reality.

For more info and a promo video, go to www.realityapologetics.com/mn/

***Must also have a Liability Form printed, filled out, and turned in for the school year to go on trip. These are new forms. Our priority is to keep your teen(s) safe. 

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