Naz Small Group

Accountability questions

Accountability questions help our groups stay focused and healthy. There's a lot that opposes healthy Christian community and accountability is a big part of taking that opposition seriously. 

Naz Small Group leaders are held accountable to the following questions by Naz leadership. 

1. How is your group serving?

        What gifts are represented in your group?

         How could you creatively use those to serve others or to reach the lost?

2. Are you praying as a group?

         What does that look like? Are there ways you could grow in prayer?

3. Are you getting in the Word?

         What are you studying?

4. Are you seeing “Gospel Growth?”

         Gospel Growth=maturing in faith, fruit of the spirit, breakthroughs, overcoming sins, etc.

         Where are your individual members at spiritually and what are you doing to meet them where they’re at?

     *Confidentiality reminder. Protect the trust of your group in how you share.

5. How can you challenge your group?

     Where are you becoming too comfortable? /Are there areas where your group’s stagnant?

6. Do you have an apprentice?     

          What are you doing to disciple and encourage them into a leadership position?

7. Is your group doing life together?

     Is intimacy increasing in your group?

         If not how could you restructure your time together to create more of an open environment for people to connect?

         What could you do to encourage your group to be intentional about getting to know one another?

8. What’s God doing?

         As you reflect on your group is there anything you recognize God doing that you need to take into account?

         What can we celebrate?