why small groups?

"As our Church grows larger, we have to think smaller." 

Small Groups are the answer to growing Sunday morning numbers. In the context of a small group you'll get to know people well enough to "be the Church" with them. We are designed for dependence upon authentic, biblical relationships. A Christ-centered environment of growth and accountability is key to a thriving Christian life. 

If the idea of accountability is intimidating consider the cost for not being held accountable. Also remember that small Groups are made up of fellow sinners, as much in need of Christ's redeeming power as you. They too are designed to need Christian community; you need them, and they need you. 

how do i join a group?

1. Pray about who the Lord would have you in fellowship with. The best people for your growth and discipling may not be the most like you or the easiest for you to get along with. Just be obedient to whom the Lord leads you to. A great place to start is with whomever you are in contact with now. Who do you keep running in to? Sitting by on a Sunday? Who would you like to get to know better?

2. Make the first move. Introduce yourself. Ask them if they'd like to be a part of your group! 

3. Once you get a few people on board, figure out when, where and how often you'd like to meet.

4. Contact the Naz to become a part of the Church's small group ministry where you'll receive leadership training, small group resources and support from Church leaders. Accountability also helps us ensure our groups are healthy and growing spiritually. 

If you'd like assistance finding a group or connecting with people at a time that works for you, simply submit this form.

what does a small group look like?

SIZE: It's up to you, but we'd recommend a group of 3-10 dedicated people.  

CONTENT: Each session groups should be getting in to their Bibles, praying together, and intentional about developing Godly relationships with one another.

MATERIAL: Some groups choose to work their way through a book of the Bible together, others prefer a DVD driven study or book study. Making sure the content aligns with scripture is key. The Naz pays for everyone to have access to RightNow Media, the "Christian Netflix." If you have wifi access this is a great resource for study material. Many of the studies include free downloadable discussion guides. If you haven't logged-in yet email stownsend@ffnaz.org to get started!

Other resources to consider: 

The Read Scripture App is a free Bible reading app to help get you in the Word and keep you in the Word. 

She Reads Truth bible reading program

Multiply disciple making and encouraging material

ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability is crucial to maintaining healthy, growing groups. The Naz provides accountability to all of its group leaders. You can view our accountability questions HERE. If your group is struggling bring the accountability questions to your group. If there continues to be a struggle please contact Naz leadership right away. 

leader resources

Leading your small group is a full-time discipleship effort. Thank you for your obedience to God's Word and for all that you do to advance his Kingdom through the growth of your small group. Questions? Need support? Contact stownsend@ffnaz.org